1. The instructors or teaching staff at a school. At Edmonds College, librarians and counselors are also faculty. [Edmonds College Definition]
  2. Refers to instructional faculty, not librarians, administrators, counselors, etc., who may have faculty rank. Full-time faculty: those employed by the institution, the majority of whose assignment is class or course instruction, but which may also include institutional non-class-related faculty responsibilities such as academic advisement, curricular development and review, faculty selection and evaluation, and the like. Those performing these functions may also be considered full-time faculty if a portion of their assignment is research, service, or academic administration. Part-time or Adjunct Faculty: Faculty whose major responsibility is not related to the institution in question; customarily assigned one or two classes with class-related responsibilities only. [NWCCU Glossary]
  3. Consists of all full-­ or part-time faculty, Department Heads, Associates, Senior Associates, Affiliates, teaching assistants, graders, and all other employees who teach, coach, evaluate, or guide research by students.

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