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    Jun 23, 2024  
Policy Management
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BOT 14.0 - Equity, Inclusion, and Student Success :

The Board of Trustees of Edmonds College endorses the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges Equity/Diversity vision statement adopted June 2019, “Leading with racial equity, our colleges maximize student potential and transform lives within a culture of belonging that advances racial, social, and economic justice in service to our diverse communities.” 

The Board of Trustees acknowledges that leading with racial equity encompasses a commitment to dismantling structural policies and practices that produce inequities and hinder student success. Leading with racial equity also requires a commitment to providing equity-minded leadership that calls for the establishment of new policies and practices that build institutional capacity and create a culture of inclusion that upholds the college’s commitment to equity, inclusion, compassion, and student success for all of our students.

The Board of Trustees of Edmonds College affirms that equity, inclusion, and student success are an intentional and shared responsibility across the college. The college will strive to provide comprehensive educational opportunities and resources that support our diverse students’ educational and career goals and to create a just and inclusive society for all.

The college’s Mission, Vision, Values, plans, and budget decisions should reflect the college’s commitment to the success and equity for all students. In summary, this Board policy is designed to ensure that Board and college policies and practices address racial inequities and advance a culture that supports student success for all.

1. Advocating for public policies that align resources with student success goals, initiatives, and support services.

  • State and national discussions and policies have required higher education to dramatically shift its focus to student learning, closing equity gaps, and completion of students’ educational goals.  
  • Actively consider the quality of the learning experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

2. Requiring the college to implement policies and practices to support student success.

  • Effective student success policies and procedures reflect an institution-wide commitment and broad participation (involving faculty, staff, administration, students, and the Board) to improve student educational and learning outcomes for students across all groups and close equity gaps.  

3. Expecting the college to engage in evidence-based institutional improvement.

  • The success of Edmonds College is measured by the success of its students. The Board requires the college’s student success efforts to focus on the success of all students which includes closing equity gaps and promoting continual improvements in programs, services, and students’ overall college experiences.

Board of Trustee(s)

BOT 14.01pr Student Success: Procedure 

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Office of the President, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Three years. Requires President’s recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

2022-Nov 10  Reviewed, Board Resolution 22-11-2

2019-Nov 14  Revised, Board Resolution 19-11-2

2017-Mar 09  Revised, Board Resolution 17-3-6

2016-Jun 09  Approved

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