BOT 14.01pr - Equity, Inclusion, and Student Success : Procedure

This procedure explains the process for implementing Board policy BOT 14.0 Equity, Inclusion, and Student Success.

The Board and President work collaboratively to lead with racial equity and advance student success for all.

1. Advocating for public policies that align resources with student success goals, initiatives, and support services.

  • Edmonds College will continue to be accountable for staying informed about and responsible for improving student success, closing equity gaps, and completion of students' educational goals.
  • The Board of Trustees will communicate with its constituencies, legislators, and other public policymakers about the college's goals and will advocate public policy decisions and resource allocations that support student success.

2. Requiring the college to implement policies and practices to support student success, closing equity gaps, and completion of students' educational goals.

  • The Board of Trustees requires the college to identify, publicize, and implement college policies and procedures that shape student success.  

3. Expecting the college to engage in evidence-based institutional improvement.

  • Promote collaboration across the organization and among various groups, by encouraging cross-departmental engagement, emphasizing our commitment to addressing racial inequities as a community, and owning our shared responsibility to support student success for all;
  • Collect and publish a variety of indicators on college performance, particularly related to closing equity gaps in students' academic performance, retention, and completion;
  • Use disaggregated student progress data (qualitative and quantitative) and cohort tracking to foster inquiry and improve programs, teaching, learning, services, and student engagement; and
  • Engage in open and transparent conversations regarding data and information related to student success and closing equity gaps.

The college is directed to establish measurable student metrics: individual student's educational goals, successful course completion, retention, persistence, certificate/degree attainment, transfer, and employment. Equity goals address gaps in student outcomes across populations such as low-income students, first-generation students, students of color, and other underrepresented groups.

Board of Trustee(s)

BOT 14.0 Student Success 

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Office of the President, Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Three years. Requires President's recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

2022-Nov 10  Reviewed, Board Resolution 22-11-2

2019-Nov 14  Revised, Board Resolution 19-11-2

2017-Mar 09  Amended, Board Resolution 17-3-6

2016-Jun 09  Approved

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