IN 9.01pr - Copyright : Procedures


These procedures accompany IN 9.0 Copyright Policy.


A. Copyright Officer

The college designates the Associate Dean of Learning Resources as the copyright officer for the college. The copyright officer will exercise general oversight of the copyright function for the college and will ensure that information about the law and guidelines are available via the college website. The copyright officer will also serve as the final authority for denials of requests to duplicate or transmit copyrighted materials.

B. Copying Prohibitions

Copying of materials or other uses not specifically allowed by the law, fair use, license agreement, or the permission of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. All materials used in instruction as well as those used in carrying out the business of the college should be prepared in compliance with copyright law and college policy. This includes materials used in all modes of teaching and document delivery.

Transmitted copyrighted digital materials to be used in the context of mediated instructional activities are limited to use by students enrolled in the particular class, and accessed by password in the learning management system. Copyrighted materials must be related and of material support to the teaching content and transmitted as an integral part of a class session.

Converting analog materials to digital formats is limited to the provisions of copyright law, including the TEACH Act and fair use provisions. Digital copyrighted materials may not be maintained on the system or network for a period longer than is reasonably necessary to facilitate the transmissions for which they are made. The college does not support the interference or disruption of restrictive codes or other technological measures used by copyright owners to protect their work from unauthorized reproduction.

The copyright officer shall be consulted if there is uncertainty as to whether reproduction or use of materials meets the requirements of the law. If reproduction of the copyrighted materials does not meet fair use guidelines, license agreements, or copyright law, college employees must seek written authorization to copy or reproduce the materials from the copyright holder. If the material is to be reproduced and sold in the College Store bookstore, written authorization from the copyright holder is required and the request for authorization must state that the material is to be reproduced and sold.

C. Liability and Sanctions for Willful Infringement

Persons copying materials or requesting copies of copyrighted materials shall have the liability for willful infringement of the copyright law and guidelines. Edmonds College will impose sanctions on any student or employee where there is a finding of willful infringement of the copyright policy consistent with appropriate college policies and collective bargaining agreements.

D. Copyright Authorization Files

Employees are responsible for maintaining files of all written copyright authorizations, permissions, releases, waivers, responses to requests for permissions, and licensing agreements.

IN 9.0 Copyright Policy

(was) C 6.3.805 Copyright Policy

Title 17 of the United States Code, U.S. Copyright Law


Fair Use doctrine

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