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    Mar 21, 2023  
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HR 5.02pr - Administrative and Professional Exempt Evaluation : Procedure

Edmonds College is committed to creating and sustaining a workplace environment that fosters employee competence and productivity by utilizing comprehensive performance management practices to develop and maintain high performing employees.

The performance evaluation program for administrative and professional exempt employees is an ongoing, systematic process which provides individuals with annual feedback on performance, establishes goals and objectives for the coming year, recognizes excellence, and identifies areas for growth. The program provides an official cumulative record of each employee's performance.

At the Time of Hire

Within the first 45 days of hire, new employees will meet with their supervisor to schedule new hire compliance training, review the position job duties, establish performance goals for the current year (Appendix A), and discuss the position's linkage with the college's Mission and Goals.


Annual Process

The annual appraisal cycle begins on July 1st of each year and ends on June 30 of each year. Employees and supervisors are encouraged to check in on a monthly basis. If a specific performance concern is identified during the year, the supervisor should detail expectations to the employee in writing and establish a time period for further review. 

By July 15 of each year, the employee will complete the Annual Goals Form and Self-Evaluation Form and forward to the supervisor.

After reviewing the employee's self-evaluation and goals, the supervisor will complete the Supervisor Evaluation Form and meet with the employee to discuss the employee's performance and discuss goals for the coming year.   

By August 31, the supervisor will forward a signed copy of the completed supervisor evaluation and the annual goals form to the employee for review and signature.

The employee will return the signed forms to the supervisor by September 15, who will forward the signed evaluation to the appropriate reviewer for comment and signature.

Employees directly reporting to the President will serve as the reviewers for employees in their units. The college President will serve as the reviewer for their direct reports.

By September 30, the reviewer will forward the completed evaluation to Human Resources to be placed in the employee's official personnel file. Human Resources will provide copies of the completed evaluation to the employee and the supervisor, upon request.  

Evaluations may occur more than once a year at the request of the employee or supervisor.

HR 5.0 Human Resources Management Policy 

HR 5.01pr Classified Performance Evaluation Procedure 

(was) C 6.3.102, Section VII Admin Exempt Policy and Procedures

Employee Annual Goals Form, available to employees online

Self Evaluation Form, available to employees online

Supervisor Evaluation Form, available to supervisors online

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