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    Sep 24, 2023  
Policy Management
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HR 11.01pr - Academic Integrity Procedure :

Edmonds College, as an institution of higher education, places the very highest value on academic integrity. The pursuit and advancement of knowledge is our primary responsibility, and our critical mission of producing a responsible, ethical, and informed citizenry is compromised when the academic integrity of our employees comes into question. Plagiarism and academic dishonesty have no place at the college. The college holds its students to high standards in this regard, and has the same standards and expectations for all of our employees engaged in the pursuit of learning, whether they be faculty, staff, or administrators.

As an institution, we require all employees to demonstrate integrity and honesty in the classroom and in their work. All faculty are required to provide expectations of academic honesty in their syllabi. All college employees will show respect for the work of others and honor their contributions by not reproducing another’s intellectual property without permission and attribution. Failure to do so may be considered academic dishonesty, which not only violates the hard work of others, but also negatively impacts the reputation of the college, the trust of our students, and certainly the credibility of the person committing the act.

Examples of academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to:

  • The falsification or misrepresentation of academic credentials

  • Plagiarism 

  • The falsification or misrepresentation of data in a grant application or publication

  • The failure to disclose conflicts of interest in a research program, or the failure to obtain proper informed consent for a research study.

Reporting of Suspected Incidents: all students, employees, and officers of the college have an obligation to report known violations of the college’s Academic Integrity Policy. All incidents in which a college employee is thought to have violated the policy should be immediately reported to either of the following officers of the college: Vice President for Instruction or the Vice President for Human Resources and Operations. The Vice President for Human Resources and Operations will oversee any investigation, if warranted, and work with applicable Union leadership in accordance with the respective collective bargaining agreement(s).


Any employee violating this policy will be subject to an investigation that may result in disciplinary action. Edmonds College will impose sanctions on employees consistent with appropriate college policies and collective bargaining agreements.

Exempt employee – after an investigation, the college will determine whether disciplinary action is warranted. The type of sanction will be based on the severity of the violation, any previous disciplinary measures, and the employee’s level of responsibility. Sanctions may range from a verbal warning to termination.

Classified employee – the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be followed.

Faculty members – the Collective Bargaining Agreement will be followed.

Academic Dishonesty

Academic Integrity



Intellectual Property


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BOT 15.0 Academic Freedom

HR 11.0 Academic Integrity Policy

IN 9.0 Copyright Policy

IN 9.01pr Copyright : Procedures

CONTENT OWNER. The primary responsibility for this policy belongs to:
Vice President for Human Resources and Operations

Vice President for Instruction, Faculty Senate, and Vice President for Human Resources and Operations

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2021-Oct 20  Amended to update content owner and contributor

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