2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 28, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog
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BUS 163 - Credit Management Law

3.0 Credits
Introduce contracts and the legal forms of business; the Uniform Commercial Code, Articles 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9; review anti-trust and other credit regulations; secured transactions including liens, bond claims; arbitration/mediation; court actions, bankruptcy, management reports, and international trade.
Prerequisite BUS 162 or instructor permission. Offered through the National Association of Credit Management (NACM) in partnership with Edmonds Community College. To register, contact the NACM at 206.728.6333.
Course-level Learning Objectives (CLOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe of the purpose and use of the law in credit management.
  2. Identify and describe the basic concepts of the Uniform Commercial Code (articles dealing with credit transactions).
  3. Identify and describe the basic procedures needed in order to set up a secured credit transaction.
  4. Identify and describe the basic use of the court system, arbitration, and mediation, and bankruptcy in credit management problems.

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