2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Feb 26, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social and Human Services - Mental Health Technician Certificate

Program Description This program of study provides the foundation, knowledge, and skills to effectively work with individuals in behavioral health and memory care environments. The program allows students to attain entry level employment in settings such as hospitals, group homes, dementia facilities, and other programs where monitoring of behavioral health is required. This certificate requires successful completion of a minimum of 41 credits as outlined.

Advising Note This program requirement sheet is not a substitute for meeting with an academic advisor. Meeting the requirements to graduate with an Edmonds College certificate or degree is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

Program Requirements (41 credits)


  1. Act responsibly in applying professional and academic standards associated with personal wellness; sustainable management of resources; and/or with success in educational, workplace, community, and team settings.
  2. Demonstrate ability to effectively work with consumers using communication skills, group interaction, problem solving, ethical procedures, and crisis management techniques.
  3. Describe a range of evidence-based practice methods, including principles, strategies, and techniques used to assist consumers in reaching their service goals.
  4. Function as a member of the health care team while providing services within scope of practice related to patient/consumer care in behavioral health, long term care, supportive structured care, and acute care settings.

*See Program Requirements Notes

Program Notes

The program code for this certificate is MHSMTC20. For financial aid, advising, and other reasons, students should work with their advisor to ensure that this code is properly recorded on their academic record.

  • The settings where this certificate can be helpful include hospitals, group homes, dementia facilities, and other programs where monitoring of behavioral health is required.
  • Students must complete the following additional prerequisites before enrolling in AHE 162 Certified Nursing Assistant-Basic Patient Care: AHE 110, AHE 116 and BSTEC 104.
  • Students who already hold a current certification as a Washington State Nursing assistant (CNA) can substitute approved electives for AHE 162 and AHE 164. See faculty advisor.
  • All students complete a field practicum, jointly supervised by the faculty and professionals, in cooperation with community based agencies. The practicum provides the opportunity to directly apply the knowledge and skills developed in the classroom to a relevant work setting.

The advisor for this program is:
Krystal Nash | krystal.nash@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1242

The faculty advisors for this program are:
Timothy Burdick | timothy.burdick@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1633
Christina Coiro | ccoiro@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1981
Roxanne Green | roxanne.green@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1595
Mika McAfee | mika.mcafee@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1452
Elizabeth Patterson | elizabeth.patterson@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1061

Program website: Social and Human Services | edmonds.edu/shs

*Program Requirements Notes

  • Not all courses are offered every quarter. Students are strongly urged to consult with their faculty advisor regarding schedule planning.
  • Participation in practicum and externship classes require documentation of immunization, TB testing and criminal background status prior to registering for those classes. Students are advised that clinical placement may be denied if immunization records and CPR are not current or if there is a criminal history that the facility considers unacceptable.​

Certificate General Information

Credit/Grade Requirements A minimum of 30 credits or one-third of the required college-level (100-level or above) credits, whichever is less, must be earned at Edmonds College. Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in all college-level courses.

Program of Study Outcomes Student achievement is assessed in the general and program specific outcomes via the courses and course objectives that align with those outcomes. More information about program outcomes and course objectives can be found on the Using Program Requirement Sheets  page.

Students Are Advised To:

  • Plan their schedule several quarters in advance in order to accommodate courses that are offered only once or twice a year;
  • Review the college catalog for required course prerequisites and include these in schedule planning; and
  • Communicate with an academic advisor and/or a faculty advisor.

Graduation Application A completed Graduation Application form must be submitted online by the 10th day of the quarter in which the student expects to graduate. Note: Applications for summer quarter are due by the 8th day of the quarter.

Common Course Numbering Please refer to www.edmonds.edu/ccn for more information.

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