2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Care Administration - Medical Office Certificate

Program Description The Medical Office Certificate is a short certificate designed to prepare graduates for positions as entry level medical office support professionals. The program includes courses in grammar, basic software applications, medical terminology, medical law and ethics, electronic health records, and medical billing. Graduates may find employment in physicians' offices, medical clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and other types of health care settings where a variety of administrative support positions are available.This certificate stacks into the Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate and Associate of Technical Arts Degree, allowing students to use credits toward higher levels of education and employment opportunities.This certificate requires successful completion of a minimum of 30 credits as outlined.

Advising Note This program requirement sheet is not a substitute for meeting with an academic advisor. Meeting the requirements to graduate with an Edmonds College certificate or degree is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

Program Requirements (25 credits)


  1. Use appropriate technology and technical skills to accurately manage information and solve problems.
  2. Apply health care law, ethics, and confidentiality standards.
  3. Demonstrate appropriate use of health care terminology and health records documentation.
  4. Apply effective writing, speaking, and listening skills to appropriately communicate with diverse populations in health care settings.
  5. Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills within the scope of a heatlh care office setting.

Program Notes

The program code for this certificate is MEPMFC20. For financial aid, advising, and other reasons, students should work with their advisor to ensure that this code is properly recorded on their academic record.

  • Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in all college-level courses.
  • Students who do not have strong customer service skills should take MGMT 122 Customer Relations Management as an elective.
  • BSTEC 294 Career Management is recommended for all job-seeking students. Those who plan to complete additional certificates or a degree should take BSTEC 294 one quarter before their job or internship search.
  • BSTEC 129 PC Basics may be substituted with BSTEC 130 Computer Fundamentals. This substitution does not change the Program Requirements credits as outlined.
  • The following course substitutions are acceptable for the Medical Office Certificate: BSTEC 104 for HCA 104; BSTEC 106 for HCA 106; BSTEC 115 for HCA 115; BSTEC 206 for HCA 206.

The advisor for this program is:
​Kim Haines | kim.haines@edmonds.edu | 425.640.1293

Department Website: Business Information Technology | edmonds.edu/bstec

Internal Coding

TC - 30
CIP - 510712
Last revised - 2023/03/16