2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
    Apr 15, 2024  
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Information and Requirements – Resident Credit Requirement

To meet the residency requirement, 30 credits or one-third of the required credits, whichever is less, must be earned at Edmonds Community College. (Through a cooperative agreement by the 5 Star Consortium, if a student is transferring credits from any of the following colleges: Everett Community College, Cascadia Community College, Shoreline Community College, or Lake Washington Institute of Technology, the 30 credit or one third required credit rule is waived.) However, a specific program may require that more credits must be earned in residence. Only college-level courses (numbered 100 or above) meet the resident credit requirement – except as approved by the appropriate dean. If the residency requirements are met, then the final credits for degrees and certificates do not have to be earned at the college. Credits earned through the college’s Prior Learning Assessment process (course challenges and special projects) count toward the residency requirement and will be posted to the student’s transcript the quarter in which they are earned. Credits earned through articulation agreements and advanced placement examination do not satisfy residency requirements.

The minimum requirement for a high school diploma is that the final course must be completed at Edmonds Community College.