2011-2012 Catalog 
    May 30, 2023  
2011-2012 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Information Technology - Office Supervision and Management Associate of Applied Science-T Degree - Transfer to Bachelor of Applied Science in Administrative Management at CWU

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See program requirement sheet. 

The Business Information Technology Office Supervision and Management Associate of Applied Science-Transfer Degree is designed for students who want to transfer to the Bachelor of Applied Science in Administrative Management at Central Washington University (CWU). This degree will allow students to update existing knowledge and skills and/or acquire up-to-date technical and managerial skills. The degree requires students to work with a Business Information Technology adviser to select those courses which will help students achieve their educational and career goals. Many courses are available online for both the AAS-T and the BS degree.

Admission Requirements to Central Washington University’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Administrative Management Program All students who intend to transfer to CWU should talk with a CWU adviser to review specific admission requirements. Students must have a 2.3 minimum cumulative grade point average to be considered for admission to CWU. All of the courses in this degree will transfer to the CWU Applied Bachelor’s Degree.

Credit/Grade Requirements This AAS-T degree requires successful completion of a minimum of 90 credits as outlined. A minimum of 30 credits or one-third of the required credits, whatever is less, must be earned at Edmonds Community College. Students are required to maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 in all college-level courses.

Cultural Diversity Requirement All students earning degrees and certificates of 45 credits or more must meet a cultural diversity (CD) requirement by completing courses marked as “CD” on the requirement sheet and/or “Meets Cultural Diversity Requirement” in the quarterly class schedule. Those courses may also be used to fulfill other requirements of the degree or certificate.

Graduation Application A completed Graduation Application form must be submitted to Enrollment Services by the 10th day of the quarter in which the student expects to graduate. Forms are available online or at Enrollment Services located in Lynnwood Hall.

Students are advised to:

  • Plan their schedule several quarters in advance in order to accommodate courses that are offered only once or twice a year,
  • Review the college catalog for required course prerequisites and include these in schedule planning, and
  • Communicate with a faculty adviser.
Gisela Dicklin  gdicklin@edcc.edu | 425.640.1504
Kim Haines  kim.haines@edcc.edu | 425.640.1293
Jackie Kulbel  jkulbel@edcc.edu | 425.640.1051
Teri Odegard  todegard@edcc.edu | 425.640.1634
Kathie Richer
 kricher@edcc.edu | 425.640.1242
Department website  www.edcc.eu/bstec
College Resources:  
Edmonds CC website www.edcc.edu
How to enroll www.edcc.edu/es
Transfer center www.edcc.edu/transfer
Advising appointments 425.640.1458
College bookstore www.edcc.edu/bookstore

Note: This requirement planning sheet is not a substitute for meeting with an academic adviser. Meeting the requirements to graduate with an Edmonds Community College degree or certificate is ultimately the responsibility of the student.

PGM Code – 5471
Effective summer 2011 | Rev: 02/11

I. Basic Skills Requirements (20 credits):

Note: A lab science is needed for CWU graduation. You may complete this requirement at Edmonds Community College. Recommended: BIOL& 100 /100L, CHEM& 121 /121L, 141 /151 , GEOL& 101 , PHYS& 100 /101 , or 221 /231 .

Communication Skills (10 credits)

Computation/Quantitative Skills (5 credits)

Select one of the following courses. Note: Students planning on pursuing a Masters Degree should complete the Calculus series of courses.

Reasoning (5 credits)

II. Program Requirements (40 credits minimum):

III. Career Management Requirements (7 credits):

IV. Electives (to complete 90 credits)

Select from any course numbered 100 or above in order to bring the total credits in General Education/Related Instruction Requirements, Program Requirements, Career Management Requirements, and Electives to 90.

Degree Outcomes

Students completing the Office Supervision and Management Associate of Applied Science-T degree will be able to:

  • Communicate business information effectively using a variety of formats for a variety of audiences.
  • Use appropriate technology and technical skills to manage information and solve problems.
  • Demonstrate the mathematical skills essential to employment in a management or supervision position.
  • Demonstrate the ability to research employment opportunities, prepare an effective employment package, and present themselves positively in a job interview.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships in multicultural settings.
  • Analyze information and make decisions that support the organization’s mission.
  • Recognize professional values and exhibit professional behavior in the work environment.
  • Apply concepts, methods processes, and functions of management to business operations.

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