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    Jun 19, 2024  
Student Handbook

Academic Support Services - REGISTRATION

Quarterly Class Schedule

You can plan your first quarter class schedule using the quarterly class schedule while meeting with your advisor. There are two ways to register for classes after you have developed your plan; 1) at Registration using a Registration Form, or 2) using the college website. If your planned schedule changes, you can add or drop classes through the third day of the quarter the same way you registered. The Add/Drop form is available online.


Starting the fourth day of the quarter, you will need your instructor’s signature to register for open classes. An instructor’s signature or email permission and your Add/Drop form are required for closed courses. You do not need your instructor’s signature to drop a class (but let your instructor know your plans have changed).



Students who wish to register for a class that has reached capacity are allowed to place their names on the waitlist for that class. Then, as spots become available, students are moved from the waitlist into the course. Students will receive a notification of the changes if a student successfully enrolls. Tuition is due within seven days after registration first takes place. If you previously registered for other classes, your tuition is due within 24 hours.

For more information, visit Register Today.