Student Handbook 
    Apr 15, 2024  
Student Handbook

Student Support Services - International Student Employment


International students holding F-1 visas may work on-campus only. Students must also maintain a 12-credit class load and have a 2.0-grade point average. Government-funded work-study positions are not available to international students. Students may also work full-time on campus (up to 40 hours per week) during breaks and approved vacation quarters. If working during the summer quarter, students must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits or be on an authorized vacation quarter. In addition, students must also register for the fall quarter.

Where to Find a Job?

  • Visit the Career Action Center
  • Read CSEL Triton Newsletter Announcements
  • Follow Edmonds OIP social media

How to Get a Social Security Number? 

  1. Once you are offered a job, you will receive a “Job Offer Letter
  2. Fill out an OIP Letter Request Form for a work verification letter
  3. Once received, fill out an application for a Social Security Number.
  4. Directions will be given to you by an advisor
  5. Questions? Make an Appointment with an Advisor.

Contact Information

Contact OIP Advisors: Phone 425.640.1518 | Email:

Walk-In Advising:

  • 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. | Monday-Tuesday and Thursday
  • 3 to 4:30 p.m. | Monday through Friday [Note: Closed Fridays during Summer Quarter Only]