Student Handbook 
    Mar 03, 2024  
Student Handbook

Academic Support Services - ONLINE LEARNING

Online Learning easily fits busy schedules and lives and can provide a great deal of flexibility. The classes have the same outcomes and objectives as traditional courses and are fully accredited. In fact, they are the same courses, just offered differently. The Edmonds College program currently serves over 12,000 students each year, offering over 300 online and hybrid courses a quarter and 11 complete degrees and certificates.


Online Courses

The convenience, flexibility, and power of technology, combined with personal interactions between faculty and students, create a learning environment conducive to academic success and personal achievement. These courses are developed so students never have to come to campus, as all of the work can be completed online. 

All communication and lessons with the instructor and other class members take place online. Students choose the place, whether at home, at one of the college computer labs, or wherever there is regular and reliable access to a computer, modem, and Internet connection.

Online courses start and end the same as face-to-face courses. The syllabus, instructional materials, and assignments are posted on the course site. Students submit assignments electronically according to due dates established by the instructor. Some classes may require proctored exams from approved testing centers.


Hybrid Courses

Hybrid are courses that combine face-to-face classroom instruction with computer-based learning. A hybrid essentially splits the required classroom time between campus rooms and the Internet, reducing the amount of time spent on campus. You will receive lessons and communicate with your instructor and other class members both in class and through an online classroom. These courses follow the same quarter schedule as traditional courses and require students to work to that schedule. Regular access to a computer and an Internet account via your home, office, or college computer lab is essential. Students must attend scheduled classes AND participate online.

For more information, you can find us at Online Learning.