Student Handbook 
    Jul 19, 2024  
Student Handbook

Student Support Services - Center for Student Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

The Center for Student Cultural Diversity & Inclusion (CSCDI), located on the first floor of the Triton Student Center (Brier Hall), strives for equity and inclusion for students of color and marginalized backgrounds through empowerment, advocacy, and celebration. The Center serves all students with additional intentional efforts of centralizing around students of color, gender-diverse backgrounds, the LGBTQ+ community, and all other historically marginalized identities.


Student Success Coach

The Student Success Coach provides one-on-one assistance and support to students in academics, transferring/graduating, career readiness and preparedness, and employing living support services. In the meeting with the Coach, students will work collaboratively on progressing toward their goals while navigating higher education. 



The CSCDI has academic support services to help students succeed and do their best in their classes. Students can find the following services: Calculator Check-Out Program, Laptop Check-Out Program, Library Resource Program, Free Printing Program, and Mini-Computer Lab. 


Meditation Room:

In the CSCDI, students can find the Meditation Room, a space for students to take a moment to decompress, take a quick power nap, take a private meeting, or perform religious practices like praying. To use, please check at the front desk before entering the rooms. 


Lactation Room:

The CSCDI oversees the Lactation Room (Brier 246), a space for mothers to breastfeed, pump, or take a moment with their infants. To use the room, please visit the front desk in either Brier 154 or 252. 

For more information, visit us at Brier 154 or our Center for Student Cultural Diversity and Inclusion webpage.