Student Handbook 
    May 25, 2024  
Student Handbook

Academic Support Services - COLLEGE STORE (BOOKSTORE)

The College Store serves as the primary academic bookseller to Edmonds College. Textbooks can be purchased through the College Store’s online store and can be shipped to your home or business. The College Store serves Edmonds students, staff, faculty members, and the public. Additional services include UPS shipping, FAX services, academic supplies, general books, and convenience store items. Special orders are always welcome.

Buyback Dates and Policy

Buyback takes place during the last two weeks of every quarter. Books that have been ordered by faculty for the upcoming quarter and for which existing stock in the College Store is inadequate will be bought back at 50% of the new book price. Books that are not bought back for College Store stock will be bought back by a used book company at fair market value, provided the book is a marketable title. In order to receive pricing information, all books must be brought to the buyback representative at the College Store during the buyback process. Students must have a student ID to sell books back.

Course Book Refunds

A sales receipt must accompany all returns. The last day for a refund is printed on the back of your receipt and posted throughout the store. New books must be in new condition (no highlighting, writing, or markings, and without damage to the cover or binding). Any defective books should be returned immediately for replacement and returned for replacement in the quarter for which they were purchased.

General Merchandise Refunds

Return of general merchandise must be within two weeks from the date of purchase and accompanied by a sales receipt. Defective merchandise should be immediately returned for replacement and must have a valid sales receipt.

Software / Electronics / Hardware Refunds

Return of software, electronics, or hardware merchandise must be within two weeks from the date of purchase and accompanied by a sales receipt. In addition, items must not be opened or unsealed. Defective items should be returned immediately for a replacement. No exchanges on defective items will be granted after the two-week period following the purchase date. 

For more information, you can find us at College Bookstore.