Student Handbook 
    May 24, 2024  
Student Handbook

Student Handbook

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Edmonds CC student Handbook

This publication provided by the Associated Students of Edmonds College provides all the information you need to know to navigate your way through a successful journey as an Edmonds College student! The information in the Student Handbook has been researched to ensure that all information is accurate and current. Changes may occur after posting that are unforeseen as it relates to staffing, policies, or programs. Please visit for updated information.

Welcome to Edmonds College!


You have joined a student-focused college that seeks to engage you in a quality learning experience.

Whether attending college for the first time, returning to college, or preparing to enter the job market, Edmonds College has real opportunities to help you complete your educational goals.

As one of our students put it:

“You have to start in order to reach your goals. You can’t just sit on the couch. Start, and then make plans.” — Amadou Barrow, Computer Information Systems

You have already taken that first step and are showing your commitment to creating a better life. Here, you will find great opportunities for learning and service in a diverse and purposeful community. In addition, both faculty and staff are available to work with you and encourage you to reach your goals.

One of the best ways to achieve success is to know about and use college resources. On this campus, there are many! Ask. Explore. Engage. Connect. 

Again, a student said it best:

“It’s our time — our school life — we should do as much as we can and gain as much experience as we can.” — Alexei Sterhov, Associate of Arts 

Edmonds College offers:

  • More than 40 professional/technical programs that keep pace with the real needs of regional employers
  • Two-year degrees for bachelor degree-seeking transfer students (with a choice of classes in more than 30 fields in liberal arts, mathematics, and science)
  • One of the state’s finest adult basic education programs
  • Experienced, dedicated instructors
  • Flexible class scheduling (day, evening, and online classes)
  • Supportive advisers and counselors
  • A wide selection of student services and activities